Promotional Products to consider for your business!

An MAS consultant will help you develop ideas that are fitting with your budget and business demands. Here are just some great promotional products to consider:

Here are just some great Promotional Products to consider for your business!

  • Automotive Accessories: Key tags, bumper strips, road maps, floor mats, window shades, Tire Gauges etc.
  • Bags: Tote bags, shopping bags, gift bags, drawstring bags, paper bags, duffel bags, briefcases etc.
  • Business Accessories: Folders, desk pen sets, calculators, scratch pads, adhesive notes, stationery etc. 
  • Buttons/Badges/Ribbons: Buttons, badges, ribbons, signs, banners etc.
  • Calendars: Wall and wallet calendars, desk diaries, pocket secretaries etc.
  • Clocks and Watches: Clocks, watches etc.
  • Computer Products & Accessories: Mouse pads, monitor frames, disk carriers, wrist pads, software etc.
  • Drinkware: Glass, china, ceramic, crystal, plastic and stainless steel drinkware etc.
  • Electronic Devices & Accessories: Radios, TVs, video tapes, music CDs, phone cards etc.
  • Food Gifts: Candy, nuts, gourmet, meat, spices etc.
  • Games/Toys/Playing Cards /Inflatables: Kites, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals etc.
  • Housewares: kitchen products, picture frames, household decorations, ornaments, cutlery etc.
  • Leisure Products: Picnic and party products, barbecue items etc.
  • Magnets: Magnets and magnetic products, business cards etc.
  • Personal/Pocket-Purse Products: Pocket knives, grooming aids, lighters, matches, sunglasses, wallets etc.
  • Recognition Awards/Trophies/ Jewelry: Awards, trophies, plaques, certificates, figurines, jewelry etc.
  • Stickers and Decals: Stickers, decals etc.
  • Textiles: Flags, towels, umbrellas, pennants, blankets etc.
  • Tools: Measuring devices,  tool kits, first aid kits, furniture, flashlights, weather instruments etc.
  • Travel Accessories: Camping equipment, bar products, luggage, passport cases etc.
  • Wearables: T-shirts, golf-shirts, aprons, uniforms, blazers, caps, hats, jackets, neckwear, footwear etc.
  • Writing Instruments: Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters etc.


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